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Beer Review – Asahi “Munich-Type” Black

by on 1 April, 2011

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Format: 350ml aluminium can  Cost: $3.50 (normally $4.40)  Purchased from: Tokyo Liquour Type: Dark Lager / “dunkel” style  Origin: Japan  Strength: 5% abv.  Selected by: Dan

So, here we have a Japanese beer that you will not typically find in a bar or most bottle shops (at least, not in New Zealand).  It is the Asahi “Munich-Type” Black (there’s something very japanese about that name!).

This is by no means a boutique beer, but as it is not so commonly found, it makes for something a little different and I figured the boys would enjoy trying it out as a “quaffer”.  So I brought it along to the Hopful Thinkers.

The can expressed a very crisp and efficient “psshhht” as it was opened, and off we went.

The consistency was thin and watery, colour almost black (like coke), with only a slight hint of creamy white head.  A lot of malt on the nose.  Tasting reveals a very smooth and easy to drink beer with a rich malty flavour – and practically no aftertaste.

Discussion highlights:

Chris: I’ve never ever tasted beer like that in my entire  life.  It’s almost sweet, but not quite.  And it smells really, really malty…  For a dark beer that is too easy to drink.

Matt: Wow, it’s good, that’s really nice.

Dan: That’s quite different, isn’t it.  I could drink a lot of that.  It’s smooth.  When you think of Asahi super dry, how smooth that is, it’s the same approach – it leaves nothing behind.

Chris: See, I like an aftertaste.

The guts of it:

The wording around the outside of the gold can aptly describe this beer: “Rich and Smooth”, “Relax and Enjoy”.

For someone used to light lagers wanting to “warm up” towards something more like a stout, this could be a really good place to start.  Amazingly easy to drink.  Super clean taste.  Very refreshing.  This is the kind of beer you could happily drink for hours on end.


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