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Homemade Homebrew (Beer) Ice Cream

by on 4 April, 2011

I think we are going to have to make this for one of our meets!  Looks delicious…

Homemade Homebrew (Beer) Ice Cream.


From → Beer Recipes

  1. Simple and delicious. You’ll love it!


    • I totally believe that! Looking forward to it.

    • Wow! This looks very interesting. Is it wrong that I want this now at 7:41am?

  2. Interesting idea, I’m also thinking a nice fruity weizen with some orange peel or a malty dark beer with some praline. i could be experimenting pretty soon.

    • Hi Alli

      That sounds delicious! Let us know how you get on. I am tempted to try a Stout with a dash of espresso coffee – perfect as we coming into winter now.


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