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Quick Taster: Tuatara Munich Helles Smooth German Lager

by on 16 April, 2011

Format: box of 4 x 330ml glass bottles  Cost: $16  Purchased from: Countdown Glenfield Type: Lager  Origin: From a Shed in Reikorangi on the Akatarara Road : 5% abv.  Selected by: Steve  Tasted with: Steve’s Awesome Guinness Chocolate Cake (Not a good match!)

Great packaging, pours a very light golden colour, but a fairly off-putting nose, and we found the taste to be nothing special, a bit “watery”.  In our opinion, don’t bother with this one.


Philip: Strange Smell
Dan: What the? What is that?? Hmm.. it does have an INTERESTING smell…
Rob: It’s defintiely yellow
Dan: Yeah, somewhat of a golden color…
Josh: I think you’ll find it’s straw yellow
Dan: Kinda like healthy urine…
Chris: Smells like public toilets…Smells like hay
Steve: Piece of cake, spaniel?
Dan: Smells like Lion Red or something.   The box looks awesome. She’s a bit watery really.  Dude, that is very good cake.  Well done man.

Micah: Final thoughts are .. if I was at a pub and I was shitfaced, this would not be a bad beer to be drinking, because I could probably put away a lot of these fairly quickly and still relatively enjoy myself.


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