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Beer Review – Belhaven Wee Heavy

by on 26 April, 2011
Belhaven Wee Heavy

Format: 500ml clear glass bottle  Type: Ale  Origin: Scotland  Strength 6.5% abv  Cost: $8.40  Purchased from:  Selected by: Matt

The back of the bottle boasts that the Belhaven Wee Heave has “a rich deep flavour that derives from the greater proportion of malted barley to hops which charecterised Scottish ales of the 19th century.”

I think that I write on behalf of all Hopful Thinkers when I say: “Warm up the time machine, baby!” If this is what the Scots were drinking in the 19th century, they were doing alright.

This was decidedly one of our favourites so far.  This is a smooth, warm ale full of complex flavours that leave you wanting more. A dark, clear ale that pours beautifully with a warm amber colour. It is very smooth with a clean mouthfeel; almost in spite of it’s dark colour and initial strong malted barley nose.


Matt: I think I have a new favourite beer! It has a full dark flavour, but isn’t bitter. Truly delightful!

Chris: That is very nice! Fantastic!

Marc: That is really, really good. I was expecting something much stronger from a beer of that colour, that is really good! Something to be enjoyed in a cold day. It is so smooth.

Matt: There is a definite strong malt flavour, but it is no way overpowering.

Chris ( in Scottish accent – read from back of bottle): A beer to be sipped, savoured and fully respected… or i’ll f*&king smack you in the head!

Steve: “I’m dead sexy”

Chris: Back to the beer… The smell put me off at first to be honest was a bit off putting, it made me think it was going to be very heavy. However the first sip was a pleasant surprise.

Todd: It isn’t the beer you could drink three or four bottles of. It needs to be enjoyed and appreciated.

Final words
Marc:  It is a good beer. Definitely one to be savoured, not just drunk on hot summers day.
Steve (in Scottish Accent): Perfect Burger Murder (?)
Bob: (Shakes head at Steve & giggles)
Matt: Take your time and you’ll enjoy it all the more.
Todd: Barley!
Chris: Och aye the noo!


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