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Beer Review – 3 Monts, Brasserie de Saint Sylvestre

by on 15 May, 2011

Format: 750 ml Bottle (with a nifty staple over cork)  Type: Speciality Flanders Beer  Origin: France (Flanders Hops)  Strength: 8.5% ABV  Cost: $16.90  Purchased from: New World Victoria Park, Auckland  Selected by: Chris

This beer built high expectations before we even opened it. Having to slide off the grunty staple before taking at it with a corkscrew (not just any corkscrew – there are even direct instructions on how NOT to open it on the back of the bottle in true French style)! We figured it had to be good as it was such a bloody mission to open the bloody thing.

Very clear yellow, champagne like pour with full, clean white head that really clings to the side of the glass. Beautifully effervescent.

Fresh grass nose, you could almost imagine the fields of barley. The hops lent a clean, crisp bite to the first sip where the malted barley gave a thick warm mouthfeel that really lingered.

The Canned Randomness

Dan: It smells like weed that’s been in the tin for a while
Chris: We won’t be posting that
Marc: That smells incredible – we haven’t even poured it yet!
Dan: So, lets pour it then!
Steve: Those bubbles are almost hypnotic!
Dan: Wow – the taste is fantastic! It just lingers and lingers and lingers, there is no finish! It is so consistent – it’s good all the way!
Marc: I can’t beleive how long this taste is lingering – and it is really nice. It leaves me craving more.
Dan: It is crazy how sticky this flavour is – yet the texture is so effervescent.
Steve: I can really imagine enjoying this on a hot day after some hard work
Marc: It doesn’t have to be on a hot day
Chris: For such a light beer, it has such a warm mouthfeel
Dan: You wouldn’t think it was 8.5% abv by the taste, though it is creeping up on me… It’s going to be a while before I can drive, though we have to finish the bottle… It’s that good!

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