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Beer Review: Croucher Brewing Patriot American Black Ale

by on 15 May, 2011

Format: 500ml / 9fl.oz bottle  Type: American-style Black Ale  Origin: Rotorua, New Zealand (US Hops).  Strength 5% abv  Cost: $7.99.  Purchased from: New World Victoria Park.  Selected by: Steve

As soon as we cracked the bottle, the unmistakeable scent of Hops filled the room.  Most of us had already enjoyed one or two of these before, so we knew we were in for a treat.

The Patriot pours a deep black colour, and forms a dark foamy head, which really clings to the glass.  On the nose — hops much??  Fruity hops, very raw and fresh.  Some detected mango.  Unexpected from such a dark beer! Then there’s the taste.  The dark toasted barley hits first, and the hops back it up with complexity and depth. The taste lingers on, and on – here is a beer that finishes just the way it starts.  We all noted the flavour remained on the tongue for a very, very long time indeed – beckoning you to another mouthful, and another, and another… this is supremely drinkable.  The buttery smooth mouthfeel rounds this out as a pleasure to all the senses.

Consensus: All of us LOVED this beer.  Deliciously dark malt characters, hops for africa, smooth and well rounded flavour, lingers forever on the palate – a pleasure to all the senses.  If you see this, don’t pass it up!

Assorted Palaver:

(sniffing the bottle)
Chris: Hops Much?
Steve: Ahhhhhhh…. Mmmmm… Hooooopppsss… Need moar…
Dan: Yummo! Holy … Oh, wow. Smells like.. Herbs
Chris: Smells like Raw hops.. you don’t look at a dark beer and expect that ay..
Dan: That’s quite a lovely beer… So yummy… I like that it’s so hoppy… for a dark ale..


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