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When Life gets in the way of .. well .. Life!

by on 8 August, 2011

Why have we been so quiet the last couple of weeks!?. Well, we’ve had a lot of stuff on, collectively.  Moving houses, kid stuff, big changes at work, having extra kids to stay, you know, the usual stuff that crops up and gets in the way of what life is really about 🙂 Which of course, is having a beer with friends. And in our case, writing about it too.

So I just want to take a minute out of the madness to assure you, our readers and followers, that there are some big ideas brewing over here at the Hopful Thinkers.  Some ideas that we “hop” will get the Auckland craft beer scene a step or two towards where it needs to be.

So in the mean time, keep drinking, keep thinking, and watch out for what’s coming next!


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