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Auckland: NZ’s Home of Great Brew Bars (via A Girl’s Guide to Beer)

by on 31 August, 2011

Who said Auckland doesn’t have any decent Brew Bars?  Here are a couple you’ve probably heard of, and one you probably haven’t.  It’s a start, alright?  And fellow beer fiend Rosalind Aymes has checked them all out for you.  So what are you waiting for?  Click on through!  Off you go!

Auckland: NZ's Home of Great Brew Bars As soon as I post this, some Nelsonsion is going to jump up and down, proclaiming that their region is New Zealand’s Home of Great Brew Bars, the Beer Capital, the Sunshine City and whatever else Nelson is claiming this week. Well, Auckland doesn’t have many craft breweries and it does rain an awful lot, but we’ve now got one thing going for us: three great brew bars. That’s right – three. Three great brew bars, each producing excellent beer, all … Read More

via A Girl’s Guide to Beer


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