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Flying Nun 30 Year Ale

by on 2 November, 2011

In case you don’t live in New Zealand, Flying Nun Records is one of the most influential Punk-Rock record labels in the country.  Starting out in 1981 in Christchurch, it was the decision to start giving Dunedin bands an outlet that launched the label into history.  Recently bought back from Warner Music by the founder and a few good mates (one of whom happens to be a top NZ muso), Flying Nun is back, working through their back-catalogue and seeking out fresh talent in our shaky isles.

Enough about the label, this one’s more about what’s on the inside of the bottle…

The Flying Nun pours a clear pale amber colour.

A Grassy nose launches your senses into Straightjacket Fits, once it touches your lips this gives way to a floral sweet palate; the sherbety mouthfeel hits the roof of your mouth and gives you The Chills, before the floral characters fade across to The Clean, dry and bitter finish with hints of rockmelon.

This is one of those rare brews which really tells a story in your mouth, and gives you something new with each mouthful.  Another solid gold hit from Epic, this pale ale certainly carries the signature of bold hoppy flavours that they’re famous for.  It is sure to have you running around like Headless Chickens to find another bottle.

Just a note, this one like most Pale Ales is best drunk chilled – one bottle was too warm in our first tasting and it was not nearly as good, actually it was hard to drink.  When well chilled, the flavours balance out perfectly.

If you haven’t already, be sure to get some of this fine beer into your session tonight.. and celebrate 30 years of Flying Nun Records!

* PS.  First one to point out all the band references in the article gets themselves a free 500ml bottle of Flying Nun Records 30 Year Ale to enjoy! (NZ residents only; must be 18 or over)

  1. Jesse Mulligan got in quick on twitter with this reply:

    @hopfultweeting StraightjacketFitsTheCleanTheChillsHeadlessChickens! Love Flying Nun, first CD was one of their compilations

    Nicely done! One Nun Flying your way!

  2. Alright I’m in a generous mood!

    First one in with a blog comment telling me who the NZ musician is with a financial interest in Flying Nun Records… gets one too (NZ only, must be 18 or older)

  3. Tom permalink

    Neil Finn bought into the label last year!

    • That’s how it’s done folks 🙂 Flying Nun coming your way mate. Actually you should have it by now 🙂

  4. Nice! Agree about it being chilled, definitely how it’s meant to be drunk 🙂


    • Thanks 🙂

      How many brewers come out and make the effort to comment on fan’s blogs aye? That’s dedication in my books!

      I realise it should be obvious that a PA is to be served chilled, but some beers are more critical than others… I figured in case readers are keen to rip into a still – not – quite – cold – but – I’m – thirsty bottle (we’ve all done it) I wanted to warn them to stay their bottle opener for that bit longer or crack something else first while they wait…

      By the way, can’t wait to try the fig stout creation, your vids had my mouth watering.

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