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8 Wired Brewing Tall Poppy India Red Ale

by on 22 November, 2011

Imagine my delight when I open the fridge, seeking the “surprise” that my wife had promised me after a hard day’s slog. There in the door was a bright red label, standing out amongst the dullness of assorted condiments and half-empty milk bottles.


“This is an ale that is not afraid of standing tall” the blurb begins, and ends with “Bold but Balanced”. I dare say the concept of truth in advertising has not escaped this crowd, modesty may be another story however 🙂

I decided if this was a big malty beer it deserved a heavy glass chalice. After carefully pouring, the fruity hop-heavy nose gets my attention as I approach the glass. As I take a good sip, the complex caramel and bitter toffee malt characters fill my entire mouth like liquid silk, before the palate balances out with bitter hops, and a lingering finish which leaves me wanting for another mouthful… And another…

Despite its hefty 7% ABV this is easy to put down, in fact I am almost half way through only five minutes in… and maybe slightly tipsy at this point.

I can heartily recommend this to anyone who likes a bit of malt with their hops and enjoys a story; true to Soren’s usual form every mouthful brings something new to the table, as I work my way down the glass I’m enjoying it more and more. Thanks again, 8 Wired!


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