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Mad River Brewing Company Steelhead Extra Stout

by on 25 November, 2011

6.5% abv, 330ml stubbie glass bottle, USA

I thought I was done blogging for tonight… until I got a whiff of this baby and just about had a beergasm.


It pours thick and black, with a thick, burnt umber head which creeps up the sides of the glass. Dark cocoa scents waft up from the glass, laced with hints of dark roasted coffee. The first sip fills your mouth with syrupy smoothness, and you are hit with slightly green coffee and exceptionally dark bitter chocolate notes. Malt is there to fill in the gap as this fades out, and leaves you after a brief interlude with a slightly bitter espresso finish.

For stout heads, this is a superb blend of all the things that make Stout great. This is one of those rare special brews that leaves you a little.. breathless. I think I’m not alone in wishing we had more than just the two bottles…


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