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Pink Elephant Mammoth Strong Ale

by on 28 November, 2011

7.0% ABV, 330ml glass bottle, Blenheim, New Zealand, purchased from New World Birkenhead

The Pink Elephant brewery is widely known for it’s distinctive, English style ales.  No surprise then that it was founded in 1990 by an Englishman from Kent, Roger Pink.

Having won several awards since that time, to this day Pink Elephant stays true to the art of brewing, using only traditional ingredients and methods.  Given such an illustrious history, we expected a lot from Mammoth, their flagship Strong English Ale, and were not disappointed.

Into the glass it goes… the Mammoth pours a deep mahogany hue, the head dissipating quickly to leave a moderate amount of lacing.

Dark malts evident on the nose with complex fruity overtones, smooth tasting with subtle bourbon characters on the palate, leaving behind a slightly salty and bitter finish, strangely reminiscent of soy sauce.

Mammoth is definitely strong on flavour, and a taste that’s slightly boozier than it’s little brother the Golden Tusk, despite having the same alcohol content.

If you enjoy a good English style strong ale, this is a great example of the style, and brewed right here in New Zealand.  Highly recommended.


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