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The Hopful Thinkers go on an EPIC Field Trip

by on 29 November, 2011

So a few short weeks ago, Chris and I were having an idle chat, on the internet, whilst at work. The subject usually strays onto beer at some point or another, and we’d been talking about the Flying Nun, a most excellent beer, and some of our other faves from Epic.

Epic - It Just Tastes Bigger

Epic - It Just Tastes Bigger

I get back into my work and a few minutes later google chat pips.. and it’s Chris. “Should I email Luke, and ask if we can visit Epic HQ?” – funny enough I’d just been thinking the same thing. And there was only one correct response… “Do it!!”

Email is sent and the wait begins. Less than 30 minutes later, an email arrives.. offering a “Tasting” at the office… yippee!

We decided that it would either be terribly unfair or terribly irresponsible if anybody had to drive, so transportation was needed. What could fill that requirement better than the Meke Azzz Bus, a gigantic black beast, perfect if you want to travel in style and make an entrance…

The date comes around, and 10 lads pile in, are introduced to Johnny (who is a top bloke! Did I mention you should book the Meke Azzz Bus for your next function by calling Johnny on the number in the picture above?) and begin the cruise towards Mount Wellington.

Upon arrival, and meeting Luke and Kelly, we were ushered about the beautiful Macrocarpa table and tasted our way through pretty much the entire Epic range.. from the Lager, through the Pale Ale, the endangered Portamarillo and Hop Zombie, of course some Armageddon, Stout, Barrel Aged Stout, and maybe a few others which we can’t really talk about 😉 Steve had been busy baking up a storm and some Epic Stout Brownies which went down an absolute treat, especially paired with the Oak Barrel Aged Stout…

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If there was one beer which stuck out, which we hadn’t tried previously, it was the Barrel Aged IPA – effectively Armageddon which has been matured in new oak barrels. The nose is oaky like a heavy chardonnay (if you’re a wine buff); with a twist of blood orange on the palate.

We should have probably paid a bit more attention to the beers, but we were having so much fun and became totally wrapped up in the moment, affected by Luke and Kelly’s unbridled enthusiasm which, especially when combined with Kelly’s encyclopaedic knowledge of all things brewing, and a LOT of hops, makes Epic what it is; brash, bold, and maybe even a bit crazy.

These boys are not afraid to take a risk on going big on flavour, or to change things up between batches if they feel it will take them a step closer to the perfect brew. It gave us a new appreciation of how Epic have blazed the way, proving time and again that New Zealand beers can be big, successful and really make it on the world stage.

Epic Beer, we Salute you!


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  1. Michele Wilton permalink

    Sounds like you had an awesome evening!!! Great write up.

  2. Fun! I’ve heard great things about Epic. I shall await the brownie recipe!

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