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Too Craft or Not Too Craft?

by on 10 March, 2013

Well folks, the recent NZ herald article ( has, as per usual in the beer scene, caused a little bit of carbonation. While i did take a bit of an exemption to the statement “A craft beer you can actually drink” i think most would agree due to the inference , that “Craft” beer is undrinkable or possibly more accurately described as unobtainable to certain palettes. Credit should sit where credit is due and if you like or dislike the beer then that is your valid opinion. This is the key guide that we use at the hopful thinkers while some may get into technical speak at the end of the day it is about if “you” like this beer. Now we come across some beers that very few of us would try again after first attempts but we do tend to revisit them a few months later (with an open mind) and find that our palettes evolve and pick up slightly more distinct flavors or appreciate the stronger ones, but we only get there because of the other beers that we try.So I think it is excellent that Lion are making an attempt to make beer that is “craft” with broader flavors and complexity of palette that isn’t too off putting, who know’s in 3 years time people may be asking for lion red to have more hops with a stronger malt character (next tui billboard??)Lastly i would like to say that, I find the gross generalisations about so called “beer snobs” slightly rude. However i do know there are some people out there that may/do behave in these manners and this does cast dispersion’s on other people who are out for the enjoyment of beer. The hopful thinkers are one of a few groups out there (and growing) that are started by a group of friends and gain more friends (some people call them members) in the pursuit of learning about beer but to actually drink it in enjoyable company.I would like to put an invite to Danny Phillips, for him and one or more of his 9 brewers to come along to a hopful thinkers meet, like some other beer makers have done, and engage with people who are looking for tasty beers, and perhaps even bring some of that award winning beer to share and discuss. We’d love to converse about the different facets that were considered when you conceived your beer recipe.

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