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“I Drink, therefore I Am!” – catch-cry of the Hopful Thinkers

The Hopful Thinkers, founded in March 2011 and based on the North Shore of Auckland (in the faraway land of New Zealand), are a group of (mostly) like-minded individuals passionate about studying, making, and drinking boutique and premium beer from around the world.

We are embarking on a journey of discovery, to try as many different beers as possible from all around the world.  Particularly craft / boutique beers with something different to offer.  At the same time, there is some home-brew action happening, sometimes with very interesting (and tasty) results – so we’ll be sure to share those too.  But most importantly, what a fantastic excuse to get together and, well, drink beer!

So pull up a chair, grab yourself a glass, have some fun – and maybe we will all learn a thing or two about beer in the process!




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  1. Gav permalink

    Hey gents,

    Nice blog made me thirsty just reading it!


  2. Nick permalink

    Hey guys, came across the site today after reading the article on the NZ Herald online, it’s great to see the NZ craft beer community getting some attention. As I am originally from Minnesota (spending some time traveling NZ at the moment) it was interesting reading Chris’s impressions from his trip there. I just wanted to say as a suggestion for anyone’s next beer travels, you’ve got to swing by Portland, Oregon, my current home town. 41 breweries in the city limits. Awesome beer bars (one example) and some bottle shops with amazing selections (here and here). Craft beer is really a part of the culture there, and it’s just a beautiful place in general, I’m sure you’d all enjoy it. Cheers!

    • Thanks Nick! If you’re in the area maybe you should drop by one wednesday for some brews.

  3. Glen Armstrong permalink

    Great article – love your work. Was just in NYC and missed Craft Beer Week by a whisker – but did catch the tale end of Good Beer Week in Melbourne last year – and am dead keen to organise a group to visit the next one in May. Be keen to talk to anyone about that – beer and travel – why not.
    Drop me a line – be keen to catch up.

    • Fanastic, I used to live in Melbourne, wonderful city. We’ll be in touch!

  4. mike permalink

    good to see there is good interest on the shore. i like real beer and it is starting to become more accessible. usually head to Deep Creek and have just found out that my local, Stafford Road Bar sell some very good craft beer from around NZ which makes it easy to grab a decent drink whilst waiting for my fish and chips next door…

    • Brilliant! It is around, just have to keep your eyes peeled. No harm in asking for it too, so that places like bottle shops know that it’s in demand… By the way, Have you been to the FH LiquorLand? It’s absolutely brilliant…

      • mike permalink

        ill give it a go, only problem is running out of fridge space…

      • I know how to solve that problem….

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