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Epic Larger

by on 7 December, 2011

Tigers. Balls of Twine. Pyramids. Waimea Bay Waves, Ohakune Carrots. Some things are meant to be big. Not least the Imperial Pilsener we’ve all been waiting for. Well, at least we have been here at the Hopful Thinkers. The beer we are talking about is of course, Epic Larger.

We were fortunate enough to score a couple from the lads at Epic for a wee taster. Far be it from us to refuse. So here we go.

Light in colour; white head dissipates to a lasting lace, nose reveals a fruity bouquet, smooth and wet mouthfeel, stalky red grapes, sherbety tang and a shitload of potential… The slightly bitter finish rounds it out nicely.

If you’d not read the bottle, you would have no clue it was hiding 8.5% of alcohol, I must say Larger sure goes down easy.

This is an absolutely superb example of a Pilsener. I can’t wait until it’s had a couple of weeks to open up and reveal its true colours, it’s damn good already!

For sure this will be my boozy summer afternoon beer of choice…


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